The store sections are a divided list of my various skills that I can use to assist you in a format you are most comfortable or familiar with. If you are unfamiliar with any or all of the services that I offer, Tarot, Angel, Numerology, Astrology, and Specialized readings, each section has a brief introduction to each skill and what situations that skill is best used for. Tarot, for instance, is a great jack of all trades skill that can be applied to the vast majority of situations, but generalities about compatibility in relationships and questions about whole life paths are better suited to Astrology and Numerology. Angel readings are more of a hybrid between specific and generalized, offering both short term and long term insight into specific areas of your life, both answering the question that you ask and speaking to aspects you may not have considered. Special readings can be more custom fit to your concern areas, such as career and relationship, and it’s immediate future. 

Plus handmade OOAK (One of a Kind) items that Aeson has made for himself and uses professionally or in his daily life practices, but also a curated selection of time tested products that you will hear and see him use including books, decks, spell work items, and more!

Additionally, you can choose the method of delivery of services. Options for delivery include email, video, and traditional mailing through USPS. Personal Astrology charts make an excellent gift and can be shipped right to the recipient’s door! Make sure to order early to ensure delivery before their special day!

Sometimes it’s difficult to fit a need into just one area, some issues seem to affect larger parts of your life, and some situations don’t have easy categories. If you are unsure what service is best for you, please give us a call, we’re always glad to assist you in finding the best service to meet your needs!