Aeson has spent many years exploring recipes, both those that have been past down through generations and those he has learned along the way. While these recipes have been privately available at special request, he has decided to make these more widely available as a contender against a market flooded with poor quality and mindless mixtures that provide little to no benefits—and occasional harm—to those who use them.

Each product is handcrafted by Aesons himself using personally selected high-quality ingredients, custom-blended during the appropriate moon phase, using the correct energy to ensure that you receive the very best products possible.

Dialing for Dollars

Sometimes our bank account is doing more than looking for a little help, sometimes it's calling out for it! With dialing for dollars you can call in all the help you need to bring in the funds.

$5.50 plus s&H

Workin' 9 to 5

Whether you are tired of your job, or just tired of looking for your next one, Workin' 9 to 5 is here to help you find your way to a rewarding position. One that you will not only enjoy, but meets all of your needs. Once you use this one, you had better be ready to WORK!


$5.50 plus S&H

Crazy Train

Sometimes life just feels like everything is too much—out of control, too fast, and no where near what you planned. Crazy train is designed to remove the insanity in our life, put the train back on the track, and help you find the harmony you've been missing.

$5.50 Plus s&h