These readings have been designed to offer you clear insight into the area of your life with the use of the tarot. These tarot spreads are custom-designed look at the specific question and focus on that area of your life.

Career Reading

Intensely focused on your career and where it is heading. In this special reading, we will address what’s going on within your career path. Designed to answer questions like Will you get that job and when? Will you stay there, move to a new position or company? What is going on behind the scenes that are coming your way?


Power Of Love Reading

Focused on your current relationships and the broader context of your love life. A 12-card spread giving a more complete picture of what is going on in questions of love, it’s perfect for questions like:  Are they the right one for me? Do they really love me? Are we soulmates?


Karmic Destiny Reading


The day that we are born on carries a Karmic Destiny, based on our past, impacting our present, and determining our future. The information from this reading speaks to our choices in this life, and what effect they are having on our past mistakes and our future happiness.